Maria Grandury
ML Research Engineer
Women in AI Advocate


I'm passionate about what I do and always learning something new!


Python3: NumPy, Pandas,
TensorFlow2, Keras, Sklearn

Machine Learning

ML algorithms and metrics,
quality and trustworthiness

Deep Learning

DL.AI Specialization
TF Professional Developer


XAI, AI Robustness, AI Ethics
NLP: Transformers

Math & Stats

Double Degree in Mathematics and Physics: 5 years, 345 ECTS

Software Engineering

Experience as Software Engineer,
Git, Testing, Circle-CI, Code QA

DevOps / MLOps

Docker, MLflow, AWS:
S3, Lambda, CloudFront, Sagemaker

Technical Communication

Data Visualization with Tableau

Check my certificates!


I'm really interested in NLP and XAI, especially applied to Healthcare and Biomedicine.

Chatbot COVID-19
Conversational AI
Front-end, Back-end & DevOps
NN Higgs Boson
Machine Learning Model
Quality Analysis
PyPi package
Quality Analysis of ML models
TensorFlow Models
CV & NLP Models
Sarcasm Detector
TF2 Docker & Flask Web App
Text To Image Model
Viz For Social Good
Data Visualization
Operation Fistula
Data Visualization
Pink Smile
Flask Web App

More on GitHub!

My Story

I wrote my first line of code when I was 10, then...

Sergio, Thesis Tutor

"I have worked with Maria as the supervisor on her BSc thesis. Maria has shown during this period to have robust skills on the machine learning rudiments, including some of the most common frameworks (Keras, TensorFlow). She has also excellent communication and team working skills."

Santos, Mathematics Teacher

"Maria has been an excellent student.
She has great qualities for research, innovation and teamwork.
An excellent incorporation to any business project."

Ramiro, Manager at SADEI

"Maria has been one of the most outstanding students among all SADEI interns. She demonstrated a great ability to understand the objectives of the work and quickly learn new tools. I have seen her excellent training, as well as her tenacity, motivation and collaboration with the rest of the team."


I can't think of a subheading good enough to introduce these amazing experiences.

Sacred Heart

Sancti Spiritus, CUBA

L'Arche Asha Niketan

Asansol and Kolkata, INDIA

One World Institute

Lillehammer, NORWAY


Although I love to nerd out, AI is not the only thing I'm passionate about!


I really enjoy playing rugby and skiing,
and also love dancing! I've danced
salsa, hip-hop, jazz and ballet.


I play the oboe! I finished the professional conservatory and played as first oboe in
3 orchestras. I love listening to all kinds of
music from classical to hard rock.


I've travelled around the world with
family, friends and on my own.
I've visited 16 countries in 3 continents and
want to make that number much bigger!


I'm always looking forward to meeting like-minded people!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

I'm fluent in English,
bilingual in Spanish and French and
currently learning German.